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Access Bars- the Truth Behind the Snuggle

Access bars has been an integral part of my life for 6+ years now. Rarely have I gone more than a week without receiving a Bars session and there were years it was at least three sessions a week. I have received, traded and facilitated something like 1000 plus Bars sessions over these years!

For me personally, it has dissipated PTSD and eased ADHD and OCD allowing me to acknowledge the things I bought as a wrongness of me are gifts, capacities and a strongness.

So when 10 days or so was passing without having my Bars run in the midst of a lot of change I knew I was crunchy and wonky. I was a little anxious and very grateful for my Bars trade last night. What really gave me the acknowledgement of the ease and nurturing peace that Bars creates for me was the awareness that Zivah hadn’t snuggled with me all week but after Bars last night she climbed up and snuggled in for hours. And it continued this morning after we woke up and (came out of our separate bedroomS- she sleeps in the bathroom at night).

In a world that is in our hands and face 24/7, I’m grateful for my unscheduled calendar this morning, for choosing something that is generative in a way some people may not consider and others yearn for. If our animals can sense the changes in us, what would it take for us to perceive and choose the self care that our bodies, brains and beings require?

So instead of jumping up to ‘get going’ and ‘get working’ this morning, I melted into one of the most healing, nurturing, expansive energies on earth and truly in the universe - Bars Bliss!

Sometimes slowing down is the fastest way to speeding up the business of our lives.

I’ve seen executives find peace, clarity and new creativity after having their Bars run. I’ve sensed the electrical frenetic energy of clients shift into the acoustical wave we be beyond our entrained environments. I’ve heard about the kids that were calmer and more focused with school after having their Bars run. And I’ve felt the deep connection and communion when my former partner and I gifted each other Bars.

Better sleep, better sex, better interactions, better creating and living actually are occurring now in 170+ countries with Bars. The snuggle from Zivah kitty was a beautiful reminder of the consciousness I'm choosing and what's available for everyone. How does it get any better?


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