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BETWEEN the PEAKS & VALLEYS of your career



accelerator progam

How many people do you know who enjoyed their job search? Many are frustrated trying to figure it all out and move forward. I made it my job to know the current best practices and strategically prepare people to land their new jobs. As a Randstad RiseSmart Certified Career Transition Coach, published author, and branding expert, I specialize in providing current best-practice information and key artifacts for your successful career transition. Did you recently get laid off? Or perhaps you would like to progress in career - either at your current company or a new one. Do you want to pivot into something seemingly very different from what you are currently doing? 

I have worked with dozens and dozens (more than 60 people this last year alone) from entry-level to executive level during the most challenging time in recent history (pandemic, natural disasters/wildfires, riots, etc...) to successfully land new roles, start new businesses, move into consulting jobs with calm, clear, confidence. ​


My goal is to provide you with valuable, tangible takeaways and key information to craft your career story, best showcase your accomplishments, and set you up for success in finding your next role.


I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your story and career transition goals.

Schedule a (complimentary) 20-minute consultation call below and let's see if it's a good fit to work together.

With Joy & Gratitude, 



  • Identifying role possibilities and transferable skills for now and the future.


  • Clarifying, tailoring, and translating your values and personal value proposition into your next role with a ‘best-practice- resume, cover letter template, and Linked In review


  • Networking and job prospecting best practices


  • Job application best practices

  • Interviewing information and best practices for audio, video, and in-person interviews

  • 4 one-hour coaching sessions 

  • 4 key artifacts (resume, cover letter, value proposition,Linked In update)

  • A wealth of information, strategy, and wisdom to successfully set you up for interviewing and landing your next great role.


As this is an accelerator, my target with a client is to complete the program within three to four weeks unless we agree upon a different timeframe. I have also continued coaching with clients to provide strategy, support, and accountability during the job search and interview process as well as their new job onboarding process.

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