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This book changed how I view men and my relationship with them. Danna's stories introduced me to a new point of view and the possibility of seeing how men could be gifts to my life even when the relationships are transient. Plus the stories just capture your heart and make you want to keep reading and honestly be in LOVE :) Grateful that I read this book!


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multiply enjoyment

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Before I tell you how it began, let me tell you how excited I am to finally be 'unwrapping' the gifts in this book with you!

Here's the thing, my most transformational, empowering, and dynamic experiences have been with the men in my life. And, over the years as I've been navigating divorce, dating, and relationships, I've far too often heard male-bashing conversations. Shamefully and admittedly, I've participated in a few or not spoken up in the presence of them. I get it, life is complicated, confusing, and ridiculously chaotic at times, particularly with love, sex, and romance. 

Add in the #Metoo movement and some really sh*tty things that have occurred over the years and maybe it's become too easy for the conversations to lean into treating (all) men the same. Like the opposite sex, the opposition instead of the other sex, our potential allies and partners. Maybe it's become too easy to laugh along with the sitcoms and their negative portrayals or with girlfriends and their bitter criticisms.

 'The Indisputable Gift of Men' is an inspirational guide to enjoying men again.

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. This is a conversation changer, a decadent, intimate and inspiring read to share with you where I've used my experiences to grow, to empower myself, to embrace the men for who they were and the gifts that showed up because of that!

How does it get any better than that? 

With So Much Joy & Gratitude, Danna


Author Talk

Danna will share a bit about her journey, the inspiration behind the book, and the invitation to a modern feminism that is empowering of self and embracing of the gift that men can be in your life. This talk is designed to engage your senses so you are experiencing empowerment through presence, resilience, and gratitude. You will discover how your power impacts your life and everyone in your sphere of influence.

Author Led Book Club 

An author-led book club for, The Indisputable Gift of Men utilizing the reader’s guide and the flow of conversation from the group. It is an absolute honor and joy for Danna to witness and facilitate the depth and breadth of deep discussion that is catalyzed from the book, for these are the conversations that change the world!

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