Our first session together was so impactful for me and the momentum carried over to the next session, and the next bit of clarity and movement took me into the next. I knew exactly what changes I had made, and could see what it was creating, which was pretty damn cool to watch unfold.


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Your biggest investment, the business of your life, love, and living, should be a space where you thrive, can contribute your best skills and play to your strengths, feel energized and feel appreciated in the ways that matter to you. Let it be where you create livelihood, confidence, sustainable success, and are soul-satisfied.

My Coaching Programs focus on investing wisely to address the key challenges in these areas for your energy to be engaged and aligned to nurture your desires and empower your life. Whether it's the Certified Career Accelerator Coaching Program, the Love Accelerator Program, or one we customize to your needs, I will meet you where you are at with framework, tools, information, empathy, and advocacy for moving forward to your desired future.

My Book and book events (Author Led Book Talk and Author Led Book Club) focus on engaging your senses so you are experiencing empowerment through presence, resilience, and gratitude. You will discover how your power impacts your life and everyone in your sphere of influence.                                                              With Joy & Gratitude, Danna

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Empowerment Coaching | Certified Career Transition Coaching | Author Led Talks & Book Clubs

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Meet Danna

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Danna Lewis has more than 25 years of strategic business operations, branding, sales, marketing, and service development experience from high-growth startups to franchise development to Fortune 50 companies in Director to COO roles. She has worked in investment banking, financial services, healthcare, fitness, franchise, professional services, non-profit, and personal transformation sectors and industries.

Alongside her business career, Danna is a tenacious explorer of personal growth with 10+ years specializing in quantum physics, mindfulness, and consciousness. The work of Access Consciousness, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Alison Armstrong, Brene Brown, Marie Kondo, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra are some of her influencers.


She has co-authored three multi-list Amazon best-selling books and hosts a weekly syndicated conscious leadership radio show/podcast, Luscious Leadership available on 50+ platforms including Inspired Choices Network, iHeart, Spotify, Stitcher, and iTunes.  Danna's first solo book, 'The Indisputable Gift of Men' was published December 2019.

Danna currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and absolutely relishes her beach walks, forest hikes, almond milk tea lattes, anytime lounging with friends and family. 


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free podcast

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What if creating a greater world began with your choice to live, love, and lead, with deeper presence, strategic awareness, and courageous kindness?  The change(s) we wish to see in the world become attainable and practical when we look within and pragmatically take responsibility for our choices.


Join Danna Lewis, along with brilliant thought leaders, lightworkers, and architects of change who are excited to educate, inform, and empower you where the art of pragmatic energy and inspired action meet.

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