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WE Don't Do 'OK' and Tools to Create Beyond the Settling of Mediocre

We Don’t Do ‘OK’

I love and adore the way my boyfriend Rob and I create together. The sweet, sassy, sexy and playful way we meet each other, inspire each other and invite each other to more. I'm being called to share, which I rarely do, this morning's text between my executive chef boyfriend and myself. #DeliciousWe for us comes from the the sensual wonder and gratitude of it all. Some moments I'm in complete awe of us, other moments overwhelming gratitude or sublime acknowledgement and yet still others intense irritation that the same darn sideways thing is being created. What continues to be aggressively present are the infinite spaces of possibility and ever expanding loving kindness that prevails and provides for us.


"I love you Robert Mancuso






A whole bunch of cute emoticons ending with the the 'ok' image


"Hey, what do you mean 'ok'? Listen Chef there is nothing 'ok' about our love. WE don't do 'ok' in this kitchen. WE do awesome, intensely satisfying, exquisite, luscious, orgasmic, mouth watering beyond words yummy grateful love... Except for those moments when WE don't give a fuck, that's life sometimes...and then just when you think it could go to total crap (like a sauce curdling or souffle falling) magic shows up! Because just like the excellence you imbue, invite and elicit from your team in YOUR kitchen because that is who you be and who they choose to be with you, WE do the same that same thing for each other with a whole lot of hot sex, warm cuddles, melty hugs, and extra sweet and juicy kisses added in. Note to you- don't try that last part with your staff it would be gross and yucky and downright creepy. YOU on board with that Chef? My handsome, loving, sexy chef?”


"I just on got on board the Danna train"


"You are a smart, smart man"

...and that is how we roll.

When a space, a crevice of light opens itself up, do you choose to throw open all the doors and windows to be splashed with the beaming rays of possibility or do you pull the shades down and turn your back to the joy of creation? Let’s look at where you could apply this and see how it could contribute to your life and business.

Where in your life are you settling for ‘ok’? When, what and with whom have you concluded and decided that nothing can change and status quo will have to do? What if I told you it’s easier to shift out of perpetuating ‘ok’ than you may think? The basic laws of quantum physics suggest that when you look at a molecule it begins to change. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing so that if you’re willing to be present and ask questions without judgment a space of possibility can open up.

With whatever situation popped into your head when you were reading the above paragraph, take a moment to get present with it, really present with it and the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have become a part of it. Take a breath, a bigger, deeper breath and keep inquiring and looking at this situation. For everything that comes up, instead of contracting into the denseness ask, “where and when did I buy this point of view as mine?” Now ask, “what’s underneath this and beyond all the decisions, judgments, computations and conclusions?”

And here’s the thing about luscious leadership- it’s a courageous conscious and kind choice you are making for yourself when you go to these places. Even if you can’t visualize or think you can recall when you bought a point of view that locked something into place, somewhere you are aware of it. You may have that awareness instantly or it may whisper to you another time; however and whenever it shows up, are you willing to let go of what you chose, consciously or unconsciously, bought and perpetuated regarding this situation? Are you willing to let go of 1%? 10%? The choice are yours. And there is no right or wrong with what you choose.

Now that you are being present with this situation, project, relationship, the conscious choices will create a space for something greater to exist. Shift the questions to generate information to start to create away and outside of the ‘ok’. “What can I be or do different to out create this ‘ok’ situation?” “Who or what can I add to this situation to change it?” “What information am I missing that would contribute to this changing?”

Another dynamic way to begin to change things at an energetic level is through duplication and extrapolation. As one of my mentors, Dr. Dain Heer, says, “change the energy of something and the space opens up for something else to exist, to actualize in a different way.” Is there a place in your work-life spectrum that simply by it’s nature is greatness, that has an ease about it?

I talk about my relationship with my boyfriend because that has been an easeful greatness to it. People can see it, feel it and sense it in most everything we do. Even when things go sideways for us there is a calm, confident undercurrent of knowing we are in a learning opportunity to create something even greater. And in any given moment I’ve always been able to perceive the ‘energy of us’, a check-in of sorts and then ask what’s required today to have our back? I literally have a conversation with our relationship to contribute to it regularly. Experiencing so much success with our relationship invited me to begin playing with ‘duplicating and extrapolating’ those energies of grace and elegance to other areas like my company. And the energy of my company began to change, to become clearer, brighter and easier to communicate with. From that energy, a new website was created, concise speaking topics and workshops, my VIP program and more.

What is it for you? Where’s that place that works really well that can feed and fuel you with confidence for creating beyond ‘ok’ in other areas? There are no real instructions for this one other than your willingness to be present (yes, presence again) with what works well, tapping into the energies of it that you become with simple inquiry.

Until next time, I invite to the courageously conscious and kind choice you are making for yourself when you go to these places. Interested in learning more about Luscious Leadership, visit my website at #Leadlusciously, Danna

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