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"Women Helping Women: The Three-Minute Challenge" guest article for the Athena Alliance

By Danna Lewis, COO | Athena Alliance

I was having lunch a few weeks ago with a friend and professional colleague who told me a story. A true story about two women. One woman had a direct connection to a high-powered executive role. The other woman was interested in the position but needed an introduction to get her foot in the door. While the first woman expressed enthusiasm at the idea—and even promised to make an introduction—it just didn’t happen.

“It’s frustrating,” my friend told me. “Because the candidate is a perfect fit for the job. She just needs the intro to get things going.”

The story is disappointing, but it’s especially concerning to me because that was the fourth time within a few weeks that similar stories were shared with me about a missed connection. An introduction not made. A deal falling through. An opportunity missed. And each instance was an event that transpired between women.

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