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Are You Willing to be Swept off Your Feet...Into the Space of Being You?

I have a keen interest to live on a planet where kindness dominates, where the people, the majority of the people, get that loving kindness, that the energy that comes from snuggling with your lover, laughing and canoodling and lovemaking are some of the greatest joys of embodiment and greatest healing energies for the earth. That the stillness of being is actually not still at all, it is such a phenomenal energy that when chosen it can move mountains, shift seas, create an entire new world of possibilities for someone or something to exist.

I'm having THIS.

I have a keen interest in being known.. for being me. For always coming to 'present', for always being willing to 'look' at a situation, an energy, an event and 1) be grateful and 2) be in the question of what else is possible? For being aggressively kind, aggressively potent, aggressively tenacious, aggressively inviting, aggressively inclusive and aggressively grateful. For always being curious about what will create greater. For being forward thinking and backward clearing.

I'm having THIS.

I have a keen interest in the greatness of my living, of grace, gratitude, adoration, appreciation and the lusciousness of elegant, lucrative thriving. When I ask what do I require, what do I enjoy, what do I desire? It's the deep, rich enthusiasm for embodiment, for my relationship with my spouse, for my company. It's the thriving, joyful, generating and lucrative sustainability of my living, my company, my financial reality, my relationship and the wellbeing of my body. It's for the experience of luxuries....little to large; for elegance....casual to grand; for wealth...six figures annually and beyond; for gratitude...moment to moment; for being known, being demanded, being chosen and being appreciated.

I'm having THIS.

I have a keen interest in the universe having my back, in me having my back, In my body having my back, in my company having my back, in my relationship having my back, in money having my back.... AND vice versa. How can I have your back today consciousness? How can I have my back today? How can I have your back today body? How can I have your back today company? How can I have your back today relationship? How can I have your back today boyfriend? How can I have your back today money? How can I have your back today earth? WHAT energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to contribute to the greatness of each of these? What patterns of harmony can me and my body be to interact, play, joyfully generate with the elementals of and beyond the earth, of the molecules of consciousness, with sexualness and gratitude in totality?

I'm having THIS and so much more.

I have a keen interest in everything that is the opposite of 'leave no trace'. I have a keen interest in leaving a legacy of big, bold, beautiful energetic magic on everything and everyone I interact with. And for every molecule that it or they cannot receive, I have a keen interest in gifting that overflow of phenomenance to the earth and to every space between every molecule so that sweet, luscious, sexy, potent possibility can be aggressively present.

I choose THIS. I'm having it. I'm having the 'being' of me and the being known to, for, from and with me. This is why I wake up in the morning. This is living a life well R.E.D. with everything I require, enjoy and desire. And this is true choice of leading lusciously.

Where does your keen interest live? Are you willing to be swept off your feet, into the space of being by the inspiration and invitation of someone or something? Who are you today and what grand and glorious adventures can you have?

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