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"Do You Have Money's Back" A conscious creation in action call on being a steward of y

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What else is possible and available with you and money beyond your imagination and perhaps tickling at the fringes of your awareness?

What can be generated and created and received from the space of beautiful, potent, lusciously expansive energies of you and money together?

Are you treating money as a lover, a living being and entity that desires and requires a stewardship of presence, kindness, gratitude, acknowledgement, admiration and appreciation? Or do you tend to nag, complain, bitch and criticize it?

My boyfriend and I moved in together recently, lots of merging, purging and transitions. BIG change, BIG energy and BIG shit hitting the fan. I was freaking out a bit questioning my choice and finding myself being unpleasantly critical, adversary, resisting, reacting and bitching about a lot of things. Not all of this was out loud, quite a bit was in my head. But it was creating an energy of contraction, density, limitation and separation. I could not only perceive him separating from me energetically, I could feel it in our physical interactions. As I started to unpack it all, gain awareness, I made an intense demand of myself to get clear and create a change for myself. Note I said myself, I got to the space of knowing (once again) it is NEVER about changing anyone else. In my demand of myself and ask of the Universe, information, clearings, generative questions and choice of myself to be and do something different started to show up that sublety shifted the energy. I woke up this morning overflowing with loving kindness, gratitude, adoration and communion that my boyfriend and I create together. How does it get any better?

Througout the past few weeks there's been perception and awareness of how beautifully Access tools work and contribute to my life, living and love. It's so incredibly true for me that when I'm present and make a demand to look at something (let's say in one space of my life) I can gather so much knowledge and awareness and contribution for other spaces in my life. And that is what is showing up with money, with my body, with my business, with the earth...

Please join me in this conversation, in this conscious creation in action to become more of a steward (someone who cares for and in my words, kindly, confidenty and consciously contributes) to money, to your money and financial reality.

$10 | Register Here

Access to the call recordings is provided! And if you can't be live on the call- your questions and comments will be addressed.

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