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Luscious Leadership Q1 Money Meetings (all meetings)


IN YOUR WORDS... comments, testimonials and gratitude from past participants...

"The weekly calls have given me a consistency and accountability in being present with my money and finances that didn't exist before."

"[Luscious Leadership Money Meetings] every week has been so much fun! Danna's facilitation has been such a contribution. I have more ease with money than I did before I started the class. Thank you!!"

"When I discovered Danna Lewis and her Luscious Leadership Money Meetings, I had just begun experiencing some growth in my money flow. I have done much introspection and shifting with other resources over the past three years, yet when I read about her meetings my whole body took a deep breath, confirming this was my next step. The weekly calls are so supportive and healing - and we laugh away our old beliefs, it's so much fun! Danna brings in her own experience, which makes the work feel very accessible because she's working the principles right along with us. It seems like everyone feels safe to share, which then enables even more clearing for the rest of the group.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who has just started their path to reshape their reality - or those who might just need a bit of a tune up. This course isn't just about money, it's about embracing our whole value as a divine being - and then watching the abundance all show up!"

The weekly meetings use a variety of resources including the Access Consciousnes "How to Become Money Workbook", everything that comes up for the participants and Danna's presence, potency and space of collaboration, kindness and joy to create change.

Investment is $110 for all the meetings from January ~ March regardless of when you purchase. Recordings of all the meetings are always available to you.

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