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"Are You Your Luscious Leader or a Bland Imposter" on Potency is My Game Radio Show

What exactly does ‘Being the Luscious Leader of your life’ really mean? Are you it? Are you not? How would you know? Why would you want to? Whose life and legacy are you living anyway? What would it take to know, then claim, own and acknowledge all that you desire?

Special guest, Danna Lewis describes it as…the richly fulfilling and enjoyable space of guiding, influencing and directing yourself with empowered effectiveness to create a life, living and love that work deliciously well for you.

You’re invited to come take a wild ride on the fun bus with Rhonda Burns as she unearths hidden lies and secret agendas, so that we can all have greater possibility and greater choice when it comes to being here as the potent, unapologetic magnificent forces we are all here to be. Come tap into Rhonda’s presence, non-judgment, enthusiasm, unbridled energy and her ability to energize and catalyze you in very short order. And she’ll equip you with some simple and effective tools on the way. How better? Let’s play!

Rhonda’s guest, Danna Lewis , Global Change Facilitator, is a best-selling author, facilitator, speaker, teacher, consultant. She has over 20 years of business experience- from creating high performance work teams and managing $400M and multi-national accounts for global Wall Street banking corporations to directing brand management and social media architecture for a luxury north American franchise exercise company.

Danna has a business management degree, certifications in treasury management, is a Joy of Business® Certified Facilitator and an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator/ Bars & Body Process Facilitator. She brings all of her knowledge, experience and awareness together to facilitate and lead clients through a variety of classes and workshops with the main target of inviting each person to become more of a leader in the creation of their life, living and love. She provides, and promises, tools, framework, laughter, grace and space to enjoy the presence of looking and changing limitations while creating the possibilities for something greater to exist. POTENCY IS MY GAME!

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