Transformational times require a modern approach to whole-life wellbeing. It starts with our individual choice to lead ourselves with deeper presence, strategic awareness, and courageous kindness.


Seek the tools to live authentically and inspire your entire sphere of influence to choose greater. Embrace whole-life wellbeing as a source for maximizing enjoyable success in the business of life.

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Speaking Topics

'The Indisputable Gift of Men" Book EventDanna's first solo book screams 'book club', workshop, or keynote. Bring your group of friends, colleagues, family together, host the evening or lunch/brunch and experience the healing powers fo this book. Collaborate with Danna to create an event that works best for your group.

Books can be purchased online or through Danna and can be signed.





Beyond Balance- Create a Different Reality with Time for Enjoyable, Sustainable Success

In a world that gives us 'one-touch' access to everything and also demands from us our attention 24/7, burnout and technology exhaustion are increasing and the quest of living a more balanced, fulfilled life seems further out of reach.

In this workshop, we will begin to assess where time is spent, gain clarity on goals and learn valuable and pragmatic tools in owning desires and investing time consciously and realistically towards priorities.



Energetic Intelligence- Lead Yourself Consciously in Workplace Communication

Today’s workplace has physically transformed. Not only have we shifted from fewer brick and mortar offices to 24/7 remote access; but the workforce itself has become incredibly diverse. Conscious communication plays a vital part of a company’s cultural and economic success. This talk calls to action personal leadership and provides tools and information in becoming more mindful, present and energetically aware. Use awareness, compassion and courage to create thriving workplaces of diversity and stewardship.


Intercept Burnout- Optimize Your Life & Career

Participants will learn the six beliefs that can result "burnout", six tools to intercept burnout, and three virtues of being an ideal team player and how to develop them both within and with others. Contribute to your team growing their individual and group contributions.

Shift the Struggle- Cultivate the Superpowers of Resilience, Presence and Gratitude

Getting out of judgment is the fastest way to gratitude. In our fast-moving, technology-driven world how do you manage the immense amount of information impelled upon us to create a space of gratitude? This talk will engage the senses, step into the space of gratitude and provide tools to help you get there when your world is feeling frustrating and lacking in some way. 

Stop Stopping YourselfTransform Your Self-Limiting Beliefs to Self Strengthening Choices
We all have our own known and unknown limiting beliefs that can sabotage our success. We can repeat our thinking and maintain the stickiness or we can being to evolve our thinking, points of view and beliefs to allow for something greater to exist. This talk will begin to Identify our default auto-responders of limiting beliefs; Uncover some of the source points of how we created them; Transform them into a deliberate mindset reset so you are setting yourself up for success.



Other topics include:

A Different Kind of Happy Hour- Tools to Maximize Creative Control of Your Life

Relationships Done Easy- Tools to Engage in a More Mindful, Meaningful & Proactive Way

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