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"Be the Contribution to Your Life" on Imperfect Brilliance Radio Show

February 15, 2015



Potency is the willingness to be the catalyst that changes ANYTHING. This is where you want to go – be the catalyst, the potency that changes anything you touch, so that everything can be different. We have spent a lot of time rejecting our life rather than being the creator and the contribution.

What would it take to contribute to your life? Do you desire change and a different way of being? Join Certified Facilitators Sadie Lake and Betsy McLoughlin and Dannah Lewis on this Potent Subject!  


Dannah Lewis is a lifestyle design and business consultant taking people from possibilities to creating their juiciest realities with a deep sense of inspiration, caring, empowerment and celebration of living. Her holistic approach merges 20+ years of corporate experience, creative talents and innate sense of working with energy and healing capacities to dynamically facilitate people and businesses to exceed their desired results. You will often hear her refer to this as “Framework & Flow”.

Dannah lives in San Francisco, CA. She is a fanatic of fabulous food; seeker of joyful bliss; curator of delicious moments; creator of a juicy business; constant chooser of education and contributing to others; chaser of the sun and sultry swimming pools; lover of the city, mistress of nature giving North Bay / Marin and muse of the world.


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"Confessions- The Gift of Men Part 2" on Luscious Leadership Radio Show

September 18, 2019

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