What if the shift to 50-50 with men and women is different than you think?

What if your choice, your presence, your loving-kindness and gratitude was the beginning of something different for yourself that eliminates the polarity of right and wrong, good and bad and opposite? What if now there is an acknowledgement of the difference of the other sex?


And what if that difference can be celebrated from a space of empowered kindness, gratitude and admiration? How much have you just contributed to you, the men and women in your life and the earth? 


This Telecall was recorded in April 2015 with 100+ people from around the world contributing their energy to the change possible.  It includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement. For more information about the Clearing Statement, go here. 


Length: 75 minutes


With so much joy and gratitude, 


The Magic of Men Telecall (pre-recorded / listen now)


    "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with (this) your one wild and precious life?" —Mary Oliver