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I'm excited and honored to be among 24 esteemed professionals and experts creating this value-rich, content filled free seminar. Please join us. Lead Lusciously, Danna

24 Experts Reveal the Secrets to Designing a Life of Health, Productivity, and Joy

“Find Balance and Stability for Your Life with Donna McLain”

This 12-day Virtual Event begins on Dec 12th

Claim your FREE virtual seat!

You know that nagging feeling, that if you just had that one elusive “secret” to unlock the door to the power of your OWN “inner voice,” that you would finally bring balance to your life, find energy to accomplish desired activities and discover REAL JOY AND SATISFACTION.

This is about REAL health, productive actions, and life-long pleasure. No more quick-fix tactics and disappointing rhetoric. We know deep down that much of what we think we know about health, achieving significant results, and finding fulfilment does NOT work for us. You’ve been trying lots of different things and you still feel as though life is chaotic and that it’s passing you by.

That's why I’m so excited to be a part of Donna McLain’s virtual event. She’s brought together over 21 MASTERFUL, PRESTIGIOUS speakers to help you “Say Goodbye” to GUILT, OVERWHELM, and CONFUSION which are simply obstacles to achieving:

  1. Excellent health

  2. A productive and fulfilling life

  3. True joy and satisfaction on a daily basis

It’s time to implement strategies that work. It’s the expert advice, proven practices, personal experiences, and available resources you’ve wanted, needed and looked for…all in one place.

We are Medical Doctors; Naturopathic Doctors; Psychologists; Systems, Productivity and Organization experts; Life and Health Coaches; Nutrition experts; Fitness professionals; Professional Speakers; radio show hosts; authors; and others. We’ve had our own struggles along the path to achieving life balance– and our personal stories reflect that. Together, we’ll reach optimal health, productivity and joy!

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