MIGRATION...a deeply guided coaching journey for Empathic Executives & Entrepreneurs to intercept burnout, imposter syndrome and career disenchantment and cultivate confidence with their empathic sensitivities and sustainable success with work-life wellbeing.

You receive accessible and engaged support, curated content and advocacy to shift the beliefs, mindsets, actions and environmental factors creating burnout, stress and disconnection. 


Uncover your unique energies; let go of limiting energetic & physical clutter and harness authentic, powerful choices. This program will empower you to use your strategic awareness as a valuable asset.


LET'S hijack your life back! 

Client Coaching Session
1 hr
paid program

Danna Lewis...Your coach, advocate and advisor,

draws from a rich, diverse and thoughtful collection of education, experience and trainings to support, inform and guide you through your Migration journey.

Schedule a complimentary call to learn more. 

This is for you...


  • Your life feels hijacked and you're ready to reclaim it, refresh it and feed your desires.

  • You are recovering from burnout or adrenal fatigue. Work feels more frustrating than fueling.


  • (Romantic) relationships are not satisfying or in discord and could be more connected and fulfilling.


  • Self-awareness,  growth and well-being are important and valuable to you and your ongoing success. 


  • You are will be accessible, responsive and engaged with yourself and learn new tools, information and resources to support your goals and priorities.  


  • You are comfortable and confident in having an advocate, coach and advisor.


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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with (this) your one wild and precious life?" —Mary Oliver