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“I am hooked on this book! I was in meetings and running

errands and couldn’t wait to get  back to the stories, and

the men! Danna stimulated my mind, heart, and body as she 


the Book

passionately shared some of the most vulnerable moments in her life. While there were fabulous steamy sections there were also deeply heartfelt moments of massive growth and sweet moments of undeniable sadness. Thank you, Danna, for being the very needed and beautiful voice in a world desiring more for each and every one of us.”

Christine McIver, Founder of Inspired Choices Network

"Your stories helped me fall in love with My stories all over again. And it was really healing for me too, because I did realize how much I had let those stories go dormant in my life." -Donna Hildebrand / Dallas, TX

"I think the biggest thing it brought up for me was working with acceptance - and with my ex-husbands, that they were who they were, and that was then, and now the Universe has a lot more in store for me." -Lindy Chaffin Start / Atlanta, GA



“I'm infinitely impressed - I just read two chapters and now bedtime rituals are calling but you have something and it has a good tone - engaging. You never cease to amaze me!” -C.C.  / Tampa, FL


“Danna's book captures with wit, honesty, and sincerity, our insatiable hunger for finding our Prince Charming and yet the joy that can be had in trying on several glass slippers along the way. Her invitation to embrace the journey reminds us of the fun and value not just in finding the right one, but also in becoming the right one.” - S.N. / San Francisco, CA


“Ms. Lewis has never been content to just sit around and wait for life to happen. She’s a woman who wants to have control over her destiny. She analyzes the events that transpire and extracts the lesson to be learned from them. The book is so chock-full of juicy details describing the giddiness of meeting someone new and the hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking reality that sometimes follows. She does not see herself as a statistic, but rather an individual with unique experiences that contributes to where she is and where she wants to be. And what effect will all this have on the ladies? Simple. One word. Hope.  I am happy Danna delivers a true account of what every single woman needs to address within themselves before looking for Prince Charming. Truly inspiring.”  - R.R. / Tampa, FL


“The book reads well and I think the most intriguing thing about it is the refreshing honesty - I enjoyed it but frankly it seems to be more of a woman's book and my guess is that the market for it will be female. I liked all the chapters about equally and honestly think they are all pretty strong. I am very impressed by the quality of her writing and her particular style. It is very clean and very well crafted – she definitely has a gift and I am delighted she is pursuing it. One other thing I really liked is her serene attitude and avoidance of any male-bashing.”  -T.B. aka 'Chapter 10' /  San Francisco, CA


“Danna is very courageous to put her life and experiences out there for the Universe to see.  The book has Passion. When I started reading I wasn’t sure if it was about ‘Unwrapping His Manhood’, the chapter titles are enticing and as I continued to read, it all fell into place.  It not only focuses on men and the gifts they have to share but how everyone we meet can have something to put in our ‘boxes’. It has inspired me to look at the positive things in people and life.  As I read, I started to re-evaluate my life and relationships with a new sense of motivation to improve.  Forgiveness, wonderful thing everyone needs to learn to do, forgive. And if you don’t have faith in yourself who can you have faith in….what a powerful word.  The words ‘Universe’ and ‘Journey’ definitely give you a different perspective on the words ‘World’ and ‘Life’. 



It made me feel like I was on an adventure, reading about Danna’s and thinking about mine.  The men….what wonderful men.  How descriptive….you can just picture every moment as if you were there.   Each ‘Man’ chapter gave something different and put the positive things in perspective…also makes you want to make your own list because of how intentional Dannah was with her choices. And I reflected on my men- even though sometimes we have to let go of a relationship does not mean we leave with nothing. I realize I am not talking about the gifts Danna received but the gifts I have,  just from reading the book. This book can definitely bring up great conversations with women…not sure how many men would be interested in it. Although, it has a lot to offer a man as well. Some great ideas, if he wants to get the girl.  This has opened my eyes; I have already decided I need to buy at least a dozen. I have lots of gifts to give.”  -S.S. / Tampa, FL


“From the first chapter, I was hooked. I couldn’t put the book down. I knew this was something special when I found myself talking to the book and asking questions about what happened and why?! Then I realized that I had to keep reading to find out. It was incredibly honest, sincere and heart-touching. I found myself relating on many levels and yet, starting to even see my own dating in a new and refreshed way. When this book is published I will definitely be buying several copies and gifting them to my friends. I believe we all need entertainment through education, and questioning the dating paradigm is something I can see, all single women, needing to start to explore and evolve their patterns in attracting the ‘right’ partner in their lives. Thank you Dannah for your incredible gift and perspective. I will forever be changed.”

- S.B. / Kona, HI

A Message from


Before I tell you how it began, let me tell you how excited I am to finally be 'unwrapping' the gifts in this book with you! I moved to San Francisco after my own 'Eat, Pray, Love' moment back in 2007.  The basics-  an 8-year marriage ended, I sold my house, left my job as a vice president at Citigroup and pursued my long-held desire to live in SF.  

Here's the thing, my most transformational, empowering, and dynamic experiences have been with the men in my life. And, over the years as I've been navigating divorce, dating, and relationships, I've far too often heard and overheard men bashing conversations. Shamefully and admittedly, I've participated in a few or not spoken up in the presence of them. I get it, life is complicated, confusing and ridiculously chaotic at times, particularly with love, sex, and romance. 

Add in the #Metoo movement and some really sh*tty things that have occurred over the years. Maybe it's become too easy for the conversations to lean into treating (all) men like the opposite sex, the opposition instead of the other sex, our potential allies and partners. Maybe it's become too easy to laugh along with the sitcoms and their negative portrayals or with girlfriends and their bitter criticisms.

 'The Indisputable Gift of Men' is an inspirational guide to enjoying men again. Yes, yes, you read that correctly. This is a conversation changer, a decadent, intimate and inspiring read where I've used my experiences to grow, to empower myself, to embrace the men for who they were and the gifts that showed up because of that!

The bottom line or the beauty within the words and underneath the stories is that the book provides women with the invitation, introspection, and tools to empower themselves and embrace men for the gift they can be. It provides men (as I've been told ;) with insight, honoring and appreciation of what's possible with women.

How does it get any better than that? 


My charming city had provided the most charming ambiance for a handful of very charming men to sweep me off my feet with the most exquisite gifts I have ever received. So, after a day of strolling the sweeping hills of my Noe Valley neighborhood reminiscing about the magic that these men had brought into my life and wondering what the bleep it was all about, I found myself at 2 a.m. in the middle of my cozy terracotta-colored living room, music softly swirling through the air with candlelight dancing between the shadows, sitting cross-legged on the floor having a slumber party with the Universe.

“Truth”, I said to the Universe, “what’s the purpose of bringing these men into my life only to have them not be the one?”  


“Dare”, said the Universe, “what do you know about the gifts of men that makes you the one?”


And then it came...the words and stories in this book that tell the fairytales of a future where men are not emasculated and women are empowered.

...from Chapter 1

My hope, my pleading hope and insatiable desire is for this book to ignite a revolution of grace. Grace in discovering and acknowledging the gifts you’ve received; praise for yourself in digging deep to let go, forgive, and find those gifts; and gratitude (fingers crossed) extended outward so that the men may know the gifts they provided. I ask for a world where women choose to empower themselves in dating, in partnership and in life. A world where we strive to learn more about the other sex, and understand each other not with tolerance but with allowance. A world where we have cultivated our own confidence and connectedness within ourselves that nurtures us into receiving (with kindness and gratitude) the gift that men truly can be in our lives.

With Joy & Gratitude, XO, Danna

...from Chapter 1

Still, I was shocked.  I think my friends were shocked.  Maybe not.  Maybe they were just shocked about how he all but disappeared from the universe.  At least my universe.  My body and heart were certainly in shock.  I cried like a love-sick teenager. And yet I knew a long-distance relationship was a deal breaker for me. But still, I had chosen it.   

But after gallons of tears and gallons of chocolate ice cream, I found my heart.  Sheltered but not closed.  I found my spirit. Fractured but certainly not broken. And, I found my soul. Saddened but ever so grateful. Yes, grateful.  Grateful because this man Wrapped in a Black Cashmere Sports Coat and a Glass of Wine left me with the gift of excitement, encouragement, and harmony.

...from Chapter 7

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After years of hearing women, including herself, complain about men, Danna Lewis found herself in the midst of the most joyful, heartbreaking, and empowering romantic encounters of her life. “The Indisputable Gift of Men” is a collection of intimate stories that invites you to unlock caustic, emasculating, judgmental conversations around dating and relationships. Women who read this book will release resentment, increase gratitude, and multiply enjoyment of and with men. Ladies, this is your invitation to embrace the gift that men can be in your lives!

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