Incorporating a range of personal presence, energetic intelligence and self-care tools and practices into our lives supports us in WHOLE-LIFE WELLBEING. My skills lie in alchemizing a thoughtfully curated collection of information and resources with teaching, advocacy and collaborating with you to hijack your life back!


Executive Coaching Sessions to rebalance & reinvigorate any area of your life 

Are you stressed or struggling in a specific area of your life? Let's take a deep dive together to clarify and clear what's limiting or locking you up in your work or love life in concert with cultivating conscious leadership tools to create with more ease and joy.  

3-Package Sessions,  60  minutes each.



Human Design 

Personal Energy Map Session

What if you could be given a “user manual” based on your energetic blueprint that guides you in navigating an authentically aligned life? This is your personal energy map for sustainable, enjoyable success!

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, proven to be a valuable tool for personal wellbeing  & strategic awareness. You discover what makes you unique with profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies for making choices ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfilment.

Manage the challenges that are part of daily life without getting overwhelmed; understand how you are designed to engage with the world and learn where you are susceptible to your environment's influence & conditioning.

Human Design assists people in awakening their innate wisdom and power bringing together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics.

The session is  2-3 hours

in person or virtual


Recovery & Renewal Hands-on

Energy Therapy Sessions

Imagine if someone could press a button and mute the voice in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough,  can’t accomplish what you dream about, a space of being where the frenetic energy shift into acoustical being OR facilitate your body and being to let go of the trauma and drama locked into and limiting your joy, your ease, your success?


These sessions are a customized powerful alchemy of verbal and energetic processes that assist the body, brain and being back to its natural state of self-healing, wellbeing & possibility.


Sessions may include or combine Access Bars, Access hands-on body processes with verbal facilitation assisting people with managing stress, dissipating PTSD,  having more ease with OCD, ADHD, ADD, anxiety & depression.

Sessions are 90-120 minutes

in person only

Single session, 3-package &

6-package available


A deeply guided coaching journey for Empathic Executives & Entrepreneurs to intercept burnout, imposter syndrome and career disenchantment and cultivate confidence with their empathic sensitivities and sustainable success with work-life wellbeing.

You receive accessible and engaged support, curated content and advocacy to shift the beliefs, mindsets, actions and environmental factors creating burnout, stress and disconnection. 


Uncover your unique energies; let go of limiting energetic & physical clutter and harness authentic, powerful choices. This program will empower you to use your strategic awareness as a valuable asset.


LET'S hijack your life back! 

Danna Lewis...Your coach, advocate and advisor, draws from a rich, diverse and thoughtful collection of education, experience and trainings to support, inform and guide you through your Migration journey.


Schedule a complimentary call to learn more. 

This is for you


  • Your life feels hijacked and you're ready to reclaim it, refresh it and feed your desires.


  • You are recovering from burnout or adrenal fatigue. Work feels more frustrating than fueling.


  • (Romantic) relationships are not satisfying or in discord and could be more connected and fulfilling.


  • Self-awareness,  growth and well-being are important and valuable to you and your ongoing success. 


  • You will be accessible, responsive and engaged with yourself and the content, tools & resources.


  • You are comfortable and confident in having an advocate, coach and advisor.




A Customized Experience to rejuvenate, renew and restore your vitality & vibrancy 

Are you ready for deep renewal in your life? The Radiance Package brings together the alchemy of hands-on healing, energetic shift of Access Bars and pragmatic personal energy blueprint of Human Design. You will be facilitated through an Access Bars Session, a Human Design Reading, a Hands-on Healing Session customized to you and a follow-up Access Bars Session.

1/2 Day with a Bars Session follow-up or

2    3-Hour Sessions

in person only


Declutter & Design your space(s) to nurture your desires for your most generative future.

Your environment plays a vital role in how you feel and engage with your world. Using the tools of the 'Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' along with my innate creative sense and talent with energies, design and space, we will declutter, refresh and/or redesign your space to enhance the form and function that support you best. 


in person only

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